Technical Specifications

Artglyph provides Suppliers with guidelines on how to correctly prepare the Templates for Artglyph's App.

Sample Template


Compositions and Placeholders

Otherwise the app won't recognise Placeholders.

Plugins and Rendering Time

Fonts and Audio

Acceptable file extensions

Our Font Library

AlternateGothic2 BT Marlett Segoe UI
Arial Microsoft Himalaya Segoe UI Black
Arial Black Microsoft JhengHei Segoe UI Emoji
Bahnschrift Microsoft JhengHei Light Segoe UI Historic
Bahnschrift Light Microsoft JhengHei UI Segoe UI Light
Bahnschrift SemiBold Microsoft JhengHei UI Light Segoe UI Semibold
Bahnschrift SemiLight Microsoft New Tai Lue Segoe UI Semilight
Calibri Microsoft PhagsPa Segoe UI Symbol
Calibri Light Microsoft Sans Serif SimSun
Cambria Microsoft Tai Le SimSun-ExtB
Cambria Math Microsoft YaHei Sitka Banner
Candara Microsoft YaHei Light Sitka Display
Comic Sans MS Microsoft YaHei UI Sitka Heading
Consolas Microsoft YaHei UI Light Sitka Small
Constantia Microsoft Yi Baiti Sitka Subheading
Corbel MingLiU-ExtB Sitka Text
Courier New MingLiU_HKSCS-ExtB Sylfaen
Ebrima Mongolian Baiti Symbol
Franklin Gothic Medium MS Gothic Tahoma
Gabriola MS PGothic Times New Roman
Gadugi MS UI Gothic Trebuchet MS
Georgia MV Boli Verdana
HoloLens MDL2 Assets Myanmar Text Webdings
Impact Nirmala UI Wingdings
Javanese Text Nirmala UI Semilight Yu Gothic
Leelawadee UI NSimSun Yu Gothic Light
Leelawadee UI Semilight Palatino Linotype Yu Gothic Medium
Lucida Console PMingLiU-ExtB Yu Gothic UI
Lucida Sans Unicode Segoe MDL2 Assets Yu Gothic UI Light
Malgun Gothic Segoe Print Yu Gothic UI Semibold
Malgun Gothic Semilight Segoe Script Yu Gothic UI Semilight

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