Commission, Withdrawal, Item and Sale Price, Tax



70% of Item price goes to the Author of the Template

30% of Item price goes to Artglyph


To withdraw your earnings you should go to your Dashboard and hit Earnings tab.
When your walet balnce is higher than the minimum withdrawal amount then hit Withdraw button and all your money will be transfered to you via your Payment Method. Currently we support only one payment method: PayPal. In the near future we plan to add more.
The Minimum Withdrawal Amount is based on your Currency. You can read about Artglyph supported currencies and the Minimum Withdrawal Amounts on the Tiers and Currencies page.

Item Price Tiers

To simplify valuation of Templates we provide Item Price Tiers.
Author choses an Item Price from the available Tier list: Tiers and Currencies.

Additional Costs

Sometimes we charge the Buyer with VAT. Value Added Tax, VAT, is this little payment that helps our communnities to have nicer roads, healthcare and other usefull stuff :)
Find more information on the Value Added Tax and tax rates on European Commission Website and the websites of all UK government departments GOV.UK.
We advise you to discuss iwth your accountant how VAT from online shopping applies to your situation.

Payment Method fees

Sometimes we charge the Buyer with Payment Method fees. For now we use one payment method to carry out the payments. It's PayPal.
Execution of PayPal transactions incure costs. For more information on current PayPal fees go to the PayPal website

Sale Price

70% of Item Price: Author Earnings
30% of Item Price: Artglyph Fee
Sale Price = Item Price + VAT + Payment Method fees

Sale Price examples

Buyer from UK:
3,50 Author income
1,50 Artglyph Fee
0,44 Payment Method fee (PayPal processing Fee)
1,09 VAT (depends on country of origin of Buyer: Seller and Buyer in the UK, VAT 20%)
Item Price = 5 GBP
Sale Price = 6,53 GBP

Buyer from US:
3,50 Author income
1,50 Artglyph Fee
0,00 VISA card payment
0,00 VAT (Seller in the UK, Buyer in US, reverse charge procedure)
Item Price = 5 USD
Sale Price = 5 USD